James 1:12

We can understand what a miracle perseverence is when we:
- reflect on who Satan truly is. His power and craft are great and he is armed with cruel hate.
- reflect on who we are. We are weak, broken, we have indwelling sin, we lack wisdom.
- reflect on the world. Filled with temptations, distractions, allurements, cultural, political, and peer pressure. 

Perseverance is a necessity in the Christian life. We persevere in biblical truth, love for Christ, holiness, good works, commitment to the body of Christ, prayer, enduring persecution. This is impossible to do alone. God must be part in the process of our discipleship. Do not separate God's preservation of the saints and the perseverance of the saints. Trials will test faith but not destroy true faith.  While we are not perfect we must persevere and focus on Jesus. When you love somebody your focus will be on them and not the trial. Remember, the community of faith is there to support and challenge in a way that will strengthen each other and help us to persevere.