Genesis 19:12-26, Luke 17:32

There is a temptation/tendency to look back at the life you had before accepting Jesus.

God was calling for the people to change. But if after a grace period the people refuse to turn from wicked and sinful lifestyles then He unleashed his wrath. God is just - He will spare the righteous. He warned Lot to take his family and run, and to not turn back.

Lot tried to warn his sons-in-law but they thought he was joking. We should take the Word seriously and act accordingly. You never know how much time you have on earth.

Lot's wife did run but she looked back (her mind lingered on what was left behind) - she ended up losing her life

Symptoms/signs of drifting from God:

  1. Decreased Bible reading
  2. Loss of conviction (increase excuses, decrease regret)
  3. Loss of confidence in prayer
  4. Loss of compassion
  5. Indifference to salvation
  6. Decreased giving
  7. Decrease in church attendance

Look forward and follow Christ.