Psalm 30

The psalm was written to prepare and teach us how to worship God. A worshipper of God is full of praise and shows this praise in a multitude of ways. 

- Extol: praise highly and enthusiastically. Exalt: God is already the most exalted being but we can exalt Him in our lives and thinking.
- God has blessed us with much and so we have much to give thanks to Him for.
- God impacts on a personal level.
- We are to express our worship b singing from our hearts and with purpose to God. Just saying the words, no matter how theologically correct, is not true worship.
- Praise His holy name. Know God and his attributes (singing is not just an emotional exercise, engage your mind and heart).
- God upholds justice and is holy; He will not let sin go without correction. When we repent He is ready with mercy.
- We can rejoice because we know our God gives hope.
- Enjoyment of life and security is dependent on the Lord.
- We are sinful beings. Instead of running from God, cry out to Him for mercy. 
- The purpose for our time on earth should be to praise God and proclaim His faithfulness so others can see and join us.
- God wants us to be with Him and share in His joy.
- Those that have been saved will be forever grateful.