Genesis 40:1-23

How should Christians interact with the people of this world? 

5 approaches:
1. Zealot's approach (confrontation and hostility)
2. Isolation approach (leave society and it's dangers)
3. Pharisaic approach (condemnation, self-righteous)
4. Assimilation approach 
5. Jesus' and Joseph's approach:

Joseph was the only known believer living in Egypt at the time. Joseph's approach to the Egyptians was to serve and improve their lives (one of our callings is to be a blessing to others, and serve others as best you can as a representative of God). 

Joseph engaged the two when he noticed their sadness and looked to help them. By focusing on the needs of others Joseph could keep from self-pity. (We must see beyond worldly barriers and see people as God does and treat them like Jesus did. The world's needs can be met by God's resources.)

Joseph listens to the two. (To be a good counsellor you must be able to listen well. We are called to bring good news and hope to a broken world - salvation found in Jesus.) 

Joseph shared that he was suffering for his righteousness, and that he was wanting to create mutually beneficial relationships. However, Joseph did not compromise the truth in order to avoid hurting someone's feelings. It is not up to us to change God's message just because it's inconvenient for us to share it, but share it in a loving manner. 

The cupbearer likely "forgot" about Joseph  for political reasons (be prepared to be disappointed).