Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness



Matthew 5:6

God works on our inner spirit. Unless you have an inward change in your life, all the rules and guidelines that we are given will feel like burdens. If God has created a hunger (intensely desire; starving to do the will of God) for righteousness you'll feel delight in following/obeying Him. 

God doesn't just weaken our old desires (which may have been sinful); he strengthens desires for His will in our lives. God doesn't just give us a hunger, he will also satisfy it with his righteousness.

If you have this appetite it is a sign of being spiritually alive and healthy. In Greek, the phrase encompasses the idea of wanting complete righteousness. It is to stop the root of sin not just deal with the consequences of it. We must seek righteousness with His and then our neighbours. 

God brings about the hunger but we can come before him to ask him to change our hearts.