Mountainview Christian Fellowship is both a brand-new church and, also, two very old churches. 2014 saw the merging of two churches into one larger congregation. We hope to grow together and be a part of this community for many years to come.

Ruth Morton Memorial Baptist Church
Ruth Morton Memorial Baptist Church was created on this site over a hundred years ago to serve this community. Begun in 1911, the church congregation met in farmhouses in what was then the municipality of South Vancouver. When John Morton died in 1912, he bequeathed funds to purchase a church to be named as a memorial to his wife, Ruth Morton (the first European woman to settle in the Vancouver area). 

19th Avenue & Metropolitan Tabernacle
19th Avenue Christian Fellowship began when the congregation of Metropolitan Tabernacle (a church which served the Mount Pleasant Community for 80 years) moved to a new building and a fresh start ten years ago.