Our Mission

Why do we exist as a church?

“We exist to lead others to be followers of Jesus Christ.”

Our Vision

Where is God leading us in the future?

In five years we envision being a growing, culturally diverse, multigenerational community of caring, enthusiastic followers of Jesus who are enjoying God and teaming together with a passion to reach our families, friends, neighbourhood and world for Him. 

  • We see dependence on God underlying everything we do especially expressed through prayer
  • We see worship services that are inspirational, warm and relevant to life.  The baptism of new believers is usual
  • We see creative caring for families and individuals in our community where we give of ourselves because we love them, expecting nothing in return—be it pancake breakfasts, pig roasts, day camps, workshops for life skills or basketball
  • We see an abundance of small groups.  These groups are safe places where we love one another, encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens and pray for one another.  Intimate community is enjoyed amid the stresses of daily life
  • We see people being trained, mentored and empowered for their calling.


Ultimately we see people in this community looking to our church as their spiritual home: a safe, refreshing and sending harbour of hope and strength for the journey of life.

Our Preferred Values:

Who has God shaped us to be?

  • People-focused – Although programs are important, we value people more and are primary focus should be on their needs
  • Evangelistic – We believe lost people matter to God and we value ministry based on a vision of engaging people who do not know how much God loves them, introducing them to Him, and watching Him bring wholeness to their lives
  • Supportive – We believe that for our church to have an impact on the Kingdom of God we need to support one another.  We value being in close relationships that allow us to support one another as we live interdependently and work together in harmony.  This includes mentoring, discipling and empowering believers so that they can reach their full potential in their Christian walk and ministry
  • Enthusiastic – We value doing things enthusiastically and boldly.  We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing wholeheartedly
  • Accepting – We value being an accepting, non-judgmental church where people are welcome regardless of where they happen to be in their Christian journey.  We believe that life transformation takes place through respectful, compassionate, accepting relationships, not just the imparting of information
  • Organized/Teamwork-oriented – We value a structure and processes that enables ministries and programs to operate efficiently and effectively.  We value working together in teams that have a clear purpose and intentional ministry plans to achieve that purpose



We are associated with the following:

  Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada

  Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches Pacific