Matthew 6:9

Give God the rightful place in everything and then ask for what you need. Be careful not to treat this prayer only as proper protocol or good manners - it is a way to worship. 

By asking for his name to be hallowed - we are asking for it to be holy and treated with great honour. God's name isn't arbitrary, it's necessary (represents all that he is and does). This is a petition (we're asking God to use us to glorify his name). 

Truth and knowledge is required for this request (no false doctrine honours God). We must seek to know who God is. We must also fill our hearts with love and awe after we know who he is.

Desire to please him by living a holy life. We're also wanting others to worship God as well (missionary) - the Lord educates us in order to be engaged. Refusal to deny his name even if it causes pain.

The prayer is a statement of trust (for salvation and our daily lives) and having confidence in God having wisdom & power in our lives. We ask to see God intervene in humanity (for only He can bring full glory to His name).