Matthew 6:10

God is not just someone who grants wishes on our behalf (having our will be done) - instead, we are to pray for God's will to be done. 

3 components to who is on earth.

1. Personal component: Us (believers). We have to apply this prayer to ourselves. We are called to be men/women of God; look to the Word of God. If we read something about how we're to live, then we should follow that instead of asking God what to do. Look to what's God's will is according to scripture: it's more about being vs doing (He is concerned about character 1st, that we should be holy, thankful and dependent on Him).When we surrender and submit to God's will, we recognize his strength externally and internally (not just action but attitude). This prayer calls for a harmony of wills. As you mature spiritually, your prayers should become aligned with God's will. Understand that sometimes God's will involves us being persecuted.

2. Communal component: the church as a whole. Pray the church will be like a glimpse of the heavenly community of believers on earth.

3. Cultural component: unredeemed world. It's God's will that we be one in Christ. This is the most important thing.