Matthew 6:11

Be careful of the following errors and extremes:

1. Over-spiritualistic view of life (complicating the interpretation of scripture). This verse is literally about our physical needs. We can end up restricting God's love to only spiritual needs, whereas God does have compassion for our physical needs as well. Do not be so heavenly-minded that you are no earthly good.

This can lead to a false dependence on God. While God can supernaturally provide for people, that's not how he generally provides daily bread. There is a combination of work and blessing (laziness is not spiritual). Therefore, the verse implies that we should be thankful for opportunities to work in order to have these things.

2. All-consuming care of the materialistic things (pagan view). While God knows you need physical things, seek first the kingdom of God. Jesus warns that challenges will come up to prioritize other things before his kingdom. 

This can lead to a false sense of independence. Jesus challenges us to not be selfish; we should be motivated to pray and take care of needing neighbours. Bless neighbours by giving them a job and give thanks for business people because they can be blessings. 


Reminder: God is the source of all good things. It is still true that there is supernatural "bread": Jesus is the bread of life and living water. He is the nourishment that will truly satisfy.