Matthew 6:13

What kind of person does God want you to be if he wants us to pray this petition? The Lord doesn't tempt but he can lead one into a situation where they can be tempted (trial by test) by the devil.

4 desires/attitudes:
1. Petition assumes desire for integrity; victory over sin ("don't send me where I may be tempted.") Value relationship with God over things that could bring sin; love and honour God above all else. (This isn't about sinning on purpose because you know you can be forgiven later, remember "I forgive you, now go and sin no more.")
2. Petition assumes you're discernment of spiritual dangers (moral & spiritual pitfalls). The world has mastered the art of temptation. Every relationship outside of the one with God can potentially lead you astray; be on guard. Awareness of temptation shouldn't lead to paralysis but to prayer.
3. Petition assumes dependency on God's help and strength in times of need.
4. Petition assumes a deep concern for the saints/others ("us.") If you know someone is struggling, don't gossip behind their back, rather pray for them. This passage implies that we should seek to not be a temptation for others to walk away from the Lord.

Doxology is not included in this passage because it wasn't present in the earliest manuscripts. It's still appropriate as the ideas are already in the prayer and are biblical.