Matthew 7:13-14

Contrary to our culture, not all roads lead to God/life/salvation. 

Jesus says there are two roads that have vastly different destinations. Religious denominations are no guarantee that you are on the "Narrow path". You can pray,  wear a cross, call God "Lord", etc but those things do not guarantee you passage to heaven. 

The "Broad road" is not just an immoral path, it is the ignorance and rejection of Jesus. Equality is not always a virtue - truth is a narrow path; the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see Jesus for who he is and what he has done for us (he is the gate that leads to the narrow path).

All religions should have the right of equal freedom, but that doesn't mean they are equal in truth. There is no room for hatred on the narrow road - Jesus says we are to love our enemies (all Christians were once enemies of God until he opened our hearts to accept Jesus).

Jesus says that there are so few on this narrow path. This is because people have a tendency to follow the crowd instead of going against popular thinking. The path also involves suffering, persecution, obedience, worship & fellowship. Have faith and be encouraged because Jesus has already walked down the path.