Matthew 7:24 - 29

When Jesus preaches, he is not simply speaking, he is expecting a response (beyond eliciting a feeling in us) - unfortunately, many times we are not listening with the intent to put his words into practice. Listening is only the first step, we have to 'do' as well. Just like a diagnoses by itself does not cure you, we must actually administer the medicine (put the words of God into practice).

Jesus' parable about the foundation of the house is meant to address those who are only concerned with outward appearances versus those who actually build their lives upon a relationship with God. The foundation is something people can't see; if you live your life to glorify God, that relationship will take priority over trying to just look like you're living a good life.

What difference does a good foundation make? In times of trial/trouble during and at the end of our lives, the foundation/faith will be tested and rewarded.