Psalm 72:8

God formed the nations (starting with Adam and then Eve). They were not accidents and we weren't meant to be alone. We are called to take part of nation-building.

Rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of heaven and Canada (abstain from criminal activity and benefit the community and economy).

Because we serve a God of compassion, care for people (family, church, the needy). We must be people of peace. Encourage discussion and educate ourselves over laws and voting.

The church has a prophetic role - repent of our sins and then speak out against the evils of the world. 

What do we stand for? There are many freedoms we should stand for. Although we are called to respect our government, God must be above the government's authority. We must be ready to suffer for our faith. 

We are to proclaim God's good word - do not rely on the government to do this as it is our responsibility as Christians.