Psalm 6

In Psalm 6, David confesses his sin before God. David focuses on his own sin, and not on the sins of others. In this song, we are reminded that we, as God's people, are to be focused in coming before God and confessing our own sin. David experiences God's displeasure but also God's love and kindness. God is not indifferent to what is happening in David's life. David feels like God is against him in heaven and that enemies are closing on him. There is no peace with God, with others or within himself. But God responds to the pain that we feel. David cries out to God's mercy because he knows that God is the one that determines the length of our trials. Sometimes our trials take longer because we resist coming before God's presence. We prolong our trials. At the end of the psalm, there is a note of victory and deliverance. David sees that healing has come. God is a God of miracles and transformation. Resurrection happened in David's life and can happen in ours. When time is right, God acts and trials come to pass. God responds to our repentance and faith.