Philippians 2:5-11

Who is God and what is He like? We must first pray for God to reveal who He is, because how else will we know?

God is eternal (without beginning and without end). Nature does reveal something about His character but the Bible is God's revelation to us. God is a Trinity - the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit; the three persons are distinct but equal.

In order for God to rescue his image bearers (humanity), Jesus had to voluntarily agree to humble himself (by becoming human, a lowly servant) and suffer on our behalf out of love. Although it was His choice to sacrifice Himself, Jesus does not praise Himself, rather the Father exalts him - the humanity of Jesus experiences an exultation into the heavens. 

"Name above all names": the rabbis considered Yahweh to be too sacred a name to use for God (they did not want to risk using God's name in vain), however Christians are allowed to call upon Jesus (who is Yahweh) because He has saved us and welcomed us to have a relationship with Him. And so our attitude should be the same as Christ Jesus, lovingly and willingly becoming servants to our brothers and sisters for the glory of God.