John 9

The common view at the time was that suffering is due to sin. So the disciples assume that this blindness, a specific affliction, must have come from a specific sin. We see both the suffering and healing are not dependent on what the man does.

Jesus usually speaks and causes immediately heals. This time was different which could have been a test of faith.

3 theories against the miracle/Jesus: different man, he was never blind, he was healed by satanic power. Didn't make sense for someone building Satan's kingdom to freely heal someone. Lesson for us: Pharisees had a high view of the scriptures, spent a lot of time praying but were doing these things with a spirit of pride and contempt. They try bullying the man and even excommunicated him.

Jesus then finds the man and reveals who he is. The man first identifies the one who healed him as a man named Jesus, then sees him as a prophet, and finally understands that he is the Lord - and so he worships him.

Jesus states he is the light of the world so we can see what is good and who God is. He healed the man if physical blindness and then spiritual blindness. The man's interactions with the Pharisees shows their spiritual blindness despite being able to see physically. This is made worse because they insist they're in the light when they're not. Outward obedience but hard hearts make them unteachable.