Psalm 37:1-7

The relationship begins with God revealing Himself. What does God want from us after this revelation?

Trust in Him. Trust is essential in growing a relationship - and that is where the enemy will attack. There are going to be times where we don't understand what God is doing in our lives - we must trust God's character and remain faithful/obedient. This will lead to a sense of peace in any circumstance.

Delight in the Lord. Spend time with Him, pray, listen, read the Bible, learn, obey, enjoy praising Him, love the Lord. This is the antidote to envy. When you revel in the beauty/glory of God you are not easily swayed by what others have. Check your heart if you are trying to use God for your own gain.

Commit your way to the Lord: trust Him with your burdens. The life Christ calls us to live is beyond our natural strength and ability so that we will trust in Him to act.

Be still before the Lord. Remain calm and wait patiently.