Psalm 91

While there are Messianic overtones the verse also applies to believers.

It begins with the fact of who God is and then it shows how to respond to this in our lives.

Life is full of danger; of all sizes and at any time. Our God is for justice and loves His people. Give praise for how He is able to provide us.

We can be rescued in two ways: to keep us from danger and to help us out of dangerous situations.

God protects His people collectively - we can see His hand through history. In Christ we experience victory: His Spirit gives us power.

While this is true, it is also true that even the godly and righteous will experience suffering. Jesus told Satan to not be presumptuous and to take in account the whole Word of God. God promises to be with us even in our suffering. We find refuge through any difficult time, even death, as God will save the souls of believers. It cost God to save us - Jesus suffered and died in our place in order to save us to be with God in eternity.