Psalm 40

Everyone will go through difficult times. How do you handle yourself during the trial? Wait for the Lord (patiently persevere). While waiting, draw near to God in prayer (cry out).

Most difficult thing in a long-term trial? That moment of desperation, being willing to do anything to end the suffering, looking for the easy way out, morally/spiritually compromise instead of trusting God.

When God delivers you, how should you respond? Put trust in God and praise Him. Don't take His grace/mercy for granted. For every gift granted there is a new way to show gratitude.

Can feel overwhelmed with God's grace and the fact that the creator of everything should be thinking of an individual person and their troubles. It's impossible to thank God for all He has done - there is so much that we aren't even aware of but we should give thanks for that we know.

The rescue we've experienced is to be shared with others to give God the glory for accomplishing something we could never do by ourselves. "Suffering well" can serve as a testimony to God's power for others. External rituals or having an attitude of acting spiritual in order to "pay back what's owed" is an inadequate response. God wants us to offer up our lives in joyful obedience to Him.

This is also a Messianic passage. Blood sacrifices were legally required at the time but not able to fully satisfy God. When Jesus was sacrificed it put an end to the need for other sacrifices. He had ears to hear God and was able to fulfill the scrolls. We can have hope in Jesus.