Genesis 37:1-11

There may be a difference in opinion: some scholars view Joseph as being a perfect reflection of Jesus (being a rose amongst the thorns); others see Joseph as a self-centred, arrogant, spoilt, and a tattle-tell type person. We don't have access to his motives so all we can do is make inferences from the text. 

Joseph was born into a dysfunctional family. His father was a polygamist, which led to spousal rivalry, sibling rivalry, and a list of problems.

Joseph gave a report to his father, Jacob, about how his brothers were behaving (we are not sure how serious the situation was, so it is hard to say if the report was warranted or petty). Jacob favored Joseph, which hurt the other children. 

Jacob gave Joseph a robe that was a constant reminder of being privileged (he was not expected to do the work that the others were). The brothers don't take their hatred out on Jacob directly, instead they turn on Joseph. 

Joseph has a dream in which he is to over his brothers causing them to hate him and be jealous even more. Joseph's next dream confirms and enhances this dream. It's hard to say whether Joseph was being naive or arrogant in this situation. When God reveals His will to us He also gives us free will to choose how to respond. This time Jacob does rebuke Joseph; sometimes those closest to us may end up resisting the calling of God in our lives. There was a part of Jacob that thought there may be something more to the dream.  

It is interesting that God isn't mentioned, even though He is at work.