Genesis 39:7-20

Oftentimes in this world, having good looks brings opportunities. It is also true that they can bring trouble and temptations.

We are told that Joseph was handsome, young man, and a virgin. Joseph is a slave, which means he does not get to choose whether he can be in a relationship and get married. Potiphar's wife is beautiful, powerful, and Joseph's boss. She is direct with Joseph on what she wants.

Despite all this, Joseph refused her advances with the same clarity. Joseph explains his loyalty to a master who trusts him, shows he has a high regard for marriage, and expresses that he views what she is wanting as a wicked sin. Even though he didn't have scriptures to teach him this, we can see that God has spoken into his heart to teach and strengthen him.

Even though he uses reason, morality, and truth against her, her sexual passion ignores this and she continues her pursuit. Remember, Satan will never stop tempting us (past victories are not a guarantee for the future. We need to seek God everyday to face the evils in the world). 

Not only did Joseph refuse her, he avoids her as much as possible for a slave. We must reduce exposure to temptation, know your weaknesses and be prepared to exert self-control. 

Potiphar's wife appears to setup a snare of secrecy: they would be alone together in the house. Joseph knew that God would know, and the fear and love of God kept him from falling. 

She goes a step further and takes his cloak. Joseph knew it was not the time to talk anymore, he needed to run away. After being turned down again, she changes her strategy in rage. She demonizes Joseph and projects the evil she committed onto him. Unfortunately, because they were alone, there were no witnesses in the home to stand up for the truth. She also tries to guilt-trip Potiphar for bringing Joseph there. 

Compare Joseph and Potiphar's wife. Which represents our current culture? 

Joseph's story points us to Jesus (a godly man was punished to free the guilty). He reminds us of how Jesus was tempted but resisted a multitude of times until His unjust death. From this death all the sins of humanity could be paid for with His perfect sacrifice. 


** Keep in mind, Joseph represents godly people (men and women), and Potiphar's wife represents ungodly people (men and women). This is not a man vs woman issue.