Genesis 39:19 - 40:7

5 lessons to learn when in low points of life:
1. They are times when God shatters false assumptions we have (about God, our lives, life, etc)
2. They are times when God helps us test the genuineness of our faith and our love (do we truly love God or just the gifts He can give us? Do not judge God's love by circumstances.)
3. They are meant to develop and strengthen our character (e.g. perseverance and patience can only be learned when facing difficult situations)
4. They offer opportunities for ministry in any circumstance (often our messy pasts can bring about ministry. Because we have been through what someone else is going through we can have understanding and compassion. It is a chance to give hope to others)
5. They are places where God meets us (we may be running from God, or trying hard to save ourselves, or to distract ourselves that we need to be stopped in our tracks to realize it is Him we need).

Be encouraged that God can meet us anywhere.