Genesis 47

Politics can replace God for some people. Political neutrality is shrinking wthin our society, which may lead to polarization. 

Christians can vote for non-Christians. We should vote for those who are qualfied, competent, fair. We should pray for our leaders even if they do not share the same beliefs (Pharaoh gave much to Joseph and Jacob blessed Pharaoh). We should look at policies/values (freedoms). We should focus on the laws that are held, not just the leaders.

Joseph did not compromise his faith in God, he became a great leader because of God.

In extreme circumstances, extreme measures are taken. The animals Joseph bought were most likely in poor shape (as in Pharaoh's dream), and the people offered their land and themselves as servants in order to survive. Joseph valued life and being fair. He did not keep these things for himself, but did as his role under Pharaoh dictated.