Acts 10:38

Jesus was known to do good to those close to Him. Christians should do good to their family just as Jesus did. Jesus also loved His friends and laid down His life for them. We should do the same as they are gifts from God. Jesus died for the church, and as His disciples we must do good for His church - using the gifts and talents we have been given as they are our spiritual family.

We should also do good to those outside of the faith. Jesus's example was to do good even for His enemies. We should be good citizens; let goodness follow wherever we go.

Whenever there was need, Jesus did good deeds of various kinds. He did not ignore the physical needs we have. We must do spiritual good as well by spreading the gospel.

There are virtues that must accompany goodness: compassion, Biblical knowledge (to ensure our deeds that are good in the eyes of God), perseverance (especially when it is hard and without earthly reward).

Doing good can be costly and controversial. Doing good involves spiritual warfare. It can be exhausting so spend time with God to regain strength.