Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus dealt with the root (sin) not the fruit of the problem. The Great Commission is the greatest vision for the world and the greatest responsibility we have as followers of Christ. This mission is to continue until the end of time.

Jesus suffered an inhumane death, and yet when He was ressurected, He didn't tell his disciples to avenge Him - He told them to spread the gospel, a demonstration of God's love.

Jesus authority over heaven and earth (could command armies of angels, rid demons from people), and so He gives us authority to preach the Word. Satan willl do everything he can to oppose the spread of the gospel.

Be encouraged. The disciples were ordinary people. They were able to accomplish incedible things because they believed in an incredible God.

Jesus promises that if we commit ourselves to make disciplies, He will be with us. As a church we will need to support those that choose to follow Christ, and Jesus will be there to support His church.