Exodus 1:6-12

Pharaoh's desire opposed God's plans for the Israelites. 

In the world today, the majority of western countries are facing declining birth rates. There are many reasons for this. 

God's attitude towards childbearing may be greatly different from the ideas in our culture today. The world was made for it to be inhabited, He planned for His image bearers (humans) to be fruitful and multiply. Barrenness was seen as a curse in those times. Having children was also about raising people to pass along faith and tradition. For the Hebrews, lineages were important in confirming a Messiah.

The Bible does not shy away from the problems and pain that can come from having children, but it maintains that they are also a gift from God. People who do or do not have offspring should not be judged as there are many factors that impact the possibilities (eg. biological, spiritual).

There are two ways to grow the Kingdom of God: through the mission field and through the nursery (which is another kind of mission field).