Exodus 1:22 - 2:10

Just as the midwives feared God above man, Moses's family showed courage. Moses biological mother (and father) had faith in God and defied pharaoh's edict and hid their baby boy. We should obey our leaders until they contradict God's will. 

Pharoah's daughter found the baby and showed compassion even though she realized it was a Hebrew child and the Egyptians were their enemies. 

Miriam, Moses sister had had to mature very quickly. She helped to reunite Moses to his mother. 

Even when we find ourselves in dire circumstances, remember that God is still with us and sometimes what seems like a bad option is God performing a miracle. 

God's plan is good, but it is not always without tears. Moses's family would have to give him over to pharaoh's daughter eventually.

Satan is using pharaoh to battle God and His people. However, what pharaoh intended for evil, God has turned into good. The very thing pharaoh tried to kill, God brought into his kingdom through the obedience of His people.