Exodus 3:1-10

Apologies, the beginning wasn't recorded. Here is a transcipt of what is missing:

There's a scene in the movie The 10 Commandments and it touches on this particular passage here. There is an Israelite who escapes from Egypt, and he's still in shackles, and he finds his way to Midian. And he's in search of Moses. Eventually they meet with one another and Moses recognizes him. And in the movie his name is Joshua. And Joshua arrives very weary, but Moses assures him and says to him, "finally, you will find rest and peace in this place." And Joshua looks at him and he's very dismayed at what Moses has just said to him. He says, "rest and peace? how could you talk about rest and peace when your people are being slaughtered and oppressed in Eqypt? Moses, how could you just enjoy your life? Do you not know who you are? Do you not know that you are the Lord's deliverer?" 


Moses (who was 80 years old) had been in Midian for 40 years. He went from being a prince of Egypt to being a shepherd for his father-in-law's flock (a detestable role in the eyes of an Egyptian). 

God saw to it that Moses would see the burning bush and calls him by name. When a name is doubled in scripture it is an indication of intimacy. God's presence made the ground holy. This revelation is fear-inducing, but His words are reassuring as He reminds Moses of His promises. God not only reveals His character, He also tells of His plan.