Exodus 3:1-12

Comparing the scene burning bush for Moses and the wooden cross of Jesus.

Burning bush: we see the angel of the Lord (God reveals Himself in His glory and majesty). Moses hid his face because of God's greatness. Moses took of his sandals because the ground was holy. God has a conversation with Moses. God's judgement upon the Egyptians was tremendous. Moses is the instrument to rescue God's people. Moses was reluctant to do God's will. At the bush, Moses was told to keep a certain distance.

The cross: Jesus is hanging with a crown of thorns, beaten, looking helpless. People hid their faces because of Jesus' despised condition. Jesus was naked on the cross while being mocked by onlookers. Jesus was suffering and is able to speak briefly. God's judgement is tremendous, but it falls upon Jesus on our behalf. God was rescuing all sinners who repented; Christ alone would be the one to accomplish this. Jesus said that He would lay down His life willingly. At the cross, sinners are invitedd to approach Jesus and be reconciled to God.