Matthew 6:12


The foundation of forgiveness is mercy and grace vs a law. 

1. Ask God to forgive our own sins. This petition is an encouragement to stop running from God, but to be like the prodigal son and come to the father with repentance. Forgiveness is a gift we should pass on. 4 truths: that God would show how great a sinner you are; show how great a saviour Jesus is (the cost to forgive us); show how great His love is for other sinners; ask God to pour His love to us so we can communicate this to the world.

2. Pray for our family and close relationships. Without daily forgiveness and repentance, no family would last. Think back to #1 before blaming everyone else. Forgiveness does not require restoration (forgiveness does not take away the consequences of sin/abuse). You can grant forgiveness to someone who hasn't repented, it will free yourself. 

3. Pray for our church. There's an expectation that the church is a safe place, but we can often hurt each other. Regardless of what someone else does to us, we have to do what is right in God's eyes. Forgiveness may be a process of healing, not done all in one session. If you value your relationship with God, you can overcome any hatred you may have.

4. Pray for our city, country and beyond. Love your neighbours, even those that hate you. Pray for those that may consider themselves enemies to the church, that they may repent and God may forgive them. If we have a spirit of forgiveness, we will have compassion for those around us.

Through this power of love and forgiveness, we can change the world.