Temporary Ministry Due To The Suspension of On-Site Activities

Dear members, attendees and friends of Mountainview Christian Fellowship, due to COVID-19 outbreak, all MCF's on-site activities, small groups and services are suspended until further notice.

Efforts are being made to ensure that our Church life can be carried on through alternative platforms so that our congregation can keep in touch with each other and also in touch with God's Word during these challenging times.

As a part of such efforts, this page will host a weekly Order of Service that you can use together with your family for a Sunday service at home. This will be structured accordingly to the order of service that we usually follow at MCF including: prayer, links to worship songs, Scripture reading and a 30 to 40-minutes sermon recorded by Pastor Vic. 

Click here for the most recent service on Sunday, April 26, 2020 (Why Am I So Lonely?)

**To find the services: click the links found under Overview on the lefthand side of this page.**

We pray that these Home Gathering services might be a blessing for you and your family.