How do you respond to someone who betrays your trust and has wronged you?

We are made in God's image (leading to our need for truth and justice). We are also made for a relationship with God. Humanity rejected God's authority and we try to rule our own lives. Jesus paid for our sins; Paul reflects this language (whatever is owed, charge it to me). We are reminded that we owe God everything, our very lives.

What happens to the person who is forgiven and accepted by Jesus? They are immediately in the family of God. Again, the gospel says we are to accept believers as we would Jesus.

Once you are forgiven, you must face your past by confessing to God and to those you have hurt. Apologize, and wherever possible, make amends. It is painful and humbling but God is saying that he wants us to be free. If you continue to hide the guilt will always be there.

Live out the gospel. When you have been saved by grace let that grace live through your words and actions. Choose to extend this generosity.

Don't give up on this that have strayed. Pray that God will work to transform them for his glory.