James 1:13-15

What if the test is too hard? What happens if we fail? Who is to blame?

There are many ways we can give up responsibility and blame God for the consequences of our actions. We must remember who God is, his nature and character. We will see that He is holy and doesn't tempt us to sin. If we look at humanity we can see that it is our own desires and actions that lead to sin. It is true that Satan can and will tempt but he cannot force us to disobey God and sin.

We are personally responsible for our actions. Our desires are attracted to what the world and Satan have to offer but we also have the power to choose not to fall into temptation. Not all desires are from God, some are broken and cannot be justified.

Practice humility and extend grace remembering that we all have these desires that lead astray from God. If we have accepted Christ and have the Holy Spirit in us we must allow God to work in our lives to change. We must pray, read scriptures, support our community and nurture God's desires within us to become more like Christ.