James 5:7-11

When experiencing stress and trials our instinct is to ask God to help us out of the difficulties now, however we often find ourselves waiting for, what seems to us, a long time. James' advice is to be patient when suffering and wait upon the Lord.

The danger of impatience is "running ahead of God" and making bad decisions by not trusting God, which leads to disaster.

When we are stressed we take it out on those around us but this is not a godly way to react in tough times. We need to find a way to release stress in a way that doesn't harm others.

Read the Bible to learn how to put our suffering into perspective and to learn how to faithfully persevere.

God is patient with us as well and He has shown us much mercy.

Remember that God always has a purpose for all things and by trusting in Him we will bring glory and praise to Him.

Patience is not a temporary virtue, it is to be a prominent fruit in our lives.

For perspective, we must consider the second coming of Christ. When He returns everything will be set right. Look ahead to this moment, not just living our lives and then hoping to die and go be with Christ.