Call to Worship

We see in this picture a solitary young man looking out at the big city below. In Lamentations 1:1 we read “how lonely sits the city that was full of people.” So many city streets are empty today. Parking lots give people numerous options. People have been told not to go out. There is fear of getting infected. Everyone is a suspect. One cannot trust strangers. This is our experience as we go into week six of shut down. Loneliness has been around for a   long time. David too experienced loneliness and he tells us so in this Psalm. He also knew what to do in times of loneliness. He knew he could turn to His Father and ask Him to turn towards him. That is what we need to do as well in our times of self-isolation and loneliness – let us turn to God our Father, Jesus our Redeemer. Let us remember who we are in His eyes. Let us remember who He is.  Let us worship Him.

Worship Songs

The songs for today are: Good Good Father, Who you Say I Am, Oh My Soul, and He Knows My Name. These songs have been grouped in the playlist accessible through the youtube video below. You are invited to sing and worship along following the on-screen lyrics!
(Note: you might have to skip some advertisements.)

Scripture Reading

Today's scripture readings are from Psalm 25 and Job 3. Read from your own Bibles or through the following links: 

Sermon by Pr. Vic - "Why Am I So Lonely?"




Listen to the testimony below after hearing Pr. Vic's sermon: 

Closing Song

Let us respond to the sermon singing I Am Not Alone


Pray for all the lonely people! Pray that you may have opportunity to reach out to them. Turn to God this week and find strength in Him.


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“I will Never Leave you nor forsake you. Cast Your Cares upon Him for He Cares for you.”